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Aubrey Allen attends the first City Meat Lecture

Aubrey Allen attends the first City Meat Lecture

‘The Rightful Place of Meat in the National Diet’ was the topic of the inaugural City Meat Lecture held at Butchers Hall in November 2021.

Professor Frédéric Leroy opened the lecture by explaining the scientific flaws in some of the environmental arguments put forward by those who favour plant-based alternatives, lab-cultured meat or the drastic reduction of meat consumption.

The Aubrey Allen team enjoyed a highly informative lecture followed by a discussion with a panel of special guests who answered questions such as how the meat industry can improve its messaging to consumers.


So what does working with Aubrey Allen mean for your business?

  • You can expect high welfare meat, reared in a clean, green way.
  • Your clients returning is our starting point > your ingredients become an investment in your brand and marketing.
  • We can help you meet your net zero goals with our commitment to sustainability.

Read more about our clean, green cattle here.

With so much to be proud of, you can expect to hear more from us about the strengths of the meat industry, the wonderful world of British Beef farming as we listen to consumers and collaborate within the industry.


Find out more about the City Meat Lecture here

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