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Deli Choice: White Truffle Balsamic

Indulge in luxury with Truffle Hunter White Truffle Balsamic vinegar when marinating or seasoning your salads or dipping your sourdough!

Truffle Hunter are the UK’s leading supplier of fresh truffles & truffle products. They certainly know quality. They use the finest Barrel-Aged Balsamic Vinegar of Modena IGP.

Only specific varieties of grape vine can be used in its production and the finished product must be refined in high-quality wooden vessels. The result is a velvety smooth balsamic vinegar, that they expertly blend with their unique flavour & the highest quality white truffle.

It is delicious in flavour. A delicate truffle aroma with woody overtones. Truffle Hunter recommend using as a gourmet salad dressing or adding depth to risotto & pasta! We love dipping our bread in it!

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