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Butchers Choice of the Week: Free Range Chicken Wings

Free Range Chicken Wings

Until the 1960’s, chicken wings were usually thrown away or reserved for stocks and soups. 

That’s all changed now – 6 decades later the humble chicken wing is one of the most popular cuts of the season. In Summer 2022 we sold 200kg of wings in a variety of rubs and marinades, but that’s nothing compared to the amount consumed in the USA during Superbowl 2022! (1.48 billion wings if you were wondering…)

Our favourite marinades for wings?

  • Garlic butter
  • Spicy Boston
  • Jamaican Jerk

Adding rub or marinade at home? A dry rub is a great way of adding flavour and locking in the juiciness of the chicken. While a marinade benefits from time for the flavours to sink in before cooking, a dry rub can be added and cooked straight away. Some of our favourite rubs are made by Tubby Tom’s (see Bam Bam – a scotch bonnet + pineapple rub that’s our deli pick of the week!)

Marinades can add tenderness to the meat and really infuse the flavours when left to soak in. We love adding citrus or chilli to ours!

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