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The Butchers Choice: Dorchester Rib

We want to shout loudly about our delicious ethically sourced, grass fed, 28 day dry aged beef! Have you tried our Dorchester Rib?

A premium joint known for it’s tenderness & rich flavour, it’s cut from the rib primal, also known as the ribeye or Scotch fillet, which is located between the chuck and the loin. We prize this meat for its generous marbling, which enhances both the flavour and juiciness of the meat.

Perfect for special occasions, our show stopping Dorchester rib brings theatre to the table. It is a first choice for beef lovers seeking an indulgent dining experience. With its exceptional melt-in-your-mouth texture & impressive marbling, it’s a succulent cut that’s sure to satisfy even the most discerning palates. Ask the butcher for some extra cooking tips & recipe ideas! We recommend serving this easy-to-carve joint with roast potatoes & seasonal vegetables.


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