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Treasure from the vaults

Aubrey Allen treasure from the vaults

“We need you to come and collect the contents of your safety deposit box,“ said the bank.

Whispered speculations of what would be inside the box was rife. Would we be ushered into a private room and asked to empty the contents that had been put there back in 1977 by Mr. Aubrey Allen?

Gold bar or jewellery perhaps?

It was an envelope. Containing the original lease for one of the Coventry shops and amongst the paperwork was this hidden treasure – our very first logo!

Peter Allen had put forward a competition for the staff and one of the Apprentices came up with this and we used it for many years.

Aubrey Allen first logo

It also formed the basis for what must have been one of the first ever loyalty card schemes for retail: the Aubrey Allen Privileged Customer Club. Everyone was issued with their own card.

Peter always listened to our staff and our clients first and remains a great sounding board for us with his complex philosophy: hire people with a great attitude and nurture them – the rest will follow!

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