Speciality Products

As you might expect, we have many speciality products. Here are some of the heroes.

French Limousin Veal:

Selected from the South West of France, we are proud to work with a veal supplier who are endorsed by the Compassion in World Farming and received in 2018, the first golden veal trophy for their animal welfare. Supplied exclusively to Aubrey Allen, the genetics of the calves are from a cattle breed (Limousin) rather than a dairy breed.


Our venison is sourced from both Forestry Commission land in Scotland and private estates in the heart of the Scottish Highlands (including Royal Balmoral).

With full traceability and as organic as wild produce can be, the deer have roamed and grazed freely producing a completely natural product.

We also source from respected, prestigious countryside estates, woodlands and sustainable forests across the UK with 100% guaranteed traceability.

Free Range Merrifield Duck:

Our free-range duckling’s are reared in Devon on a purpose built farm, where bird welfare really counts. Grown in such welfare friendly conditions ultimately produces a better quality and flavour some duck.

 Iberico Pork:

We visit all of our suppliers and farms and Spain is no different. We have worked with the producers to ensure the specification is up to our standards. Our Iberico is from the Pata Negra pigs who enjoy the seasonal acorns which give the speciality Bellota a rich, deep, earthy flavour and delicious fat.

Suckling Pig:

Reared at Blythburgh Free Range Pork for 9 weeks in a purpose built free-range enclosure, these genuine suckling pigs stay with their mum where they both enjoy the benefits of a free range environment. Exclusively supplied from Jimmy Butler’s free range pork farm to Aubrey Allen.

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