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Cheese of the Week: Rosary English Goats Cheese

Rosary English Goats Cheese is a well-regarded British cheese made from pasteurised goat’s milk. An award winner, this hand-made cheese is produced with love by family business –The Rosary Company – on the edge of the New Forest in the south of England. They’ve been doing it since 1988 and are now a fully established dairy.

Are you looking for a creamy, fresh and mild taste? Look no further. It also has a velvety & smooth texture that melts in the mouth, making it a favourite among goat cheese enthusiasts. And guess what? It’s also suitable for vegetarians!

We know you want different ways to enjoy your cheeses. So we’ve tried it crumbled over salads, spread on crackers and added to recipes like quiche and tarts.
Stocked as individual ‘buttons’ you can enjoy them in smaller amounts without waste!
We even added wildflowers and dried fruit to ours – take a look! Your summer grazing board will thank you for it…

Did you celebrate National Goats Cheese Day on June 25th? We like to celebrate all year round! And that’s why you’ll always find our cheese shop fully stocked with all kinds of wonderful goats cheese. Next time try Irish hard cheese, Killeen. Or the lovely Rachel, from Whitelake Cheese.

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