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New season lamb – do you know the difference?

Down in the south coast of England, the quality of lamb is so good, it’s recognised with a PGI status (Protected Geographical Indication). This area is also one of the more abundant areas in the country for lambs, and having dealt with our suppliers for over 25 years we are able to get the pick of the flock!









The majority of these lambs are bred from Dorset sheep. Dorset’s are a great, fast growing breed, but there is something that makes them extra special – they are the only breed of sheep which are able to lamb all year round! In addition to this, the South West is known for having a better climate that the rest of the country and the grass is of great quality. This in turn helps to push the lambs on slightly quicker to achieve a greater level of finish.

Take a look at why Russell Allen thinks our new season lamb is worth shouting about!


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