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Aubrey’s team get spicy in the kitchen for National Curry Week!

The nation’s favourite dish is also a team favourite here at Aubrey Allen! With statistics published in 2016 stating that Britons spend over £30k on curry in their lifetime it’s no surprise that National Curry Week has tickled the tastebuds of the Aubrey’s team.

To celebrate National Curry Week we challenged seven members of the team to each cook a curry over seven days and here’s what we discovered…

  1. Quick and easy or low and slow – it’s up to you! Busy mum Claire wanted a family-friendly curry in a hurry and looked to the ready-prepared spice mixes available in the shop. Adding a bhuna Spice Pot to her diced chicken supremes and natural yoghurt she created a delicious dish in no time at all leaving her with plenty of time to spend with the family and plan the next cheese of the week in the shop!

    Sophie had an afternoon to herself and dedicated it to her slow cook shin of beef recipe starting by making a spice paste from scratch. Cooking low and slow allowed Sophie to carry on with the new shop slideshow graphics while she waited. The finished result? A Thai red beef curry jam-packed with flavour!

  2. No meat, no problem! If you hadn’t already heard, Aubrey Allen is #MoreThanAButcher and we challenged Zara (self-confessed cheese addict) to a meat-free dish. Halloumi was the perfect alternative and Zara created a Cauliflower & Halloumi curry sure to tempt vegetarians and meat lovers alike.
  3. It’s not just chicken…For those used to cooking their curries with chicken we can definitely recommend stepping out of your comfort zone!
    For Sarah, cooking with pork was limited to grilling bacon on a Sunday morning but with 400g of diced pork she made a spicy pork bhuna in less than an hour leaving her plenty of time to check in on the company’s social media pages.

    ‘Captain’ Simon Kelly wasn’t afraid of the challenge and created a fantastic spicy shoulder of lamb cooked on the bone for maximum flavour.

  4.  Cooking on a budget? Curry’s the one…A few handy spice jars from the cupboard, stock, fresh or frozen vegetables and meat from our Monday special offer range and you’ve got yourself a delicious, nutritious dish without spending a fortune.
    Every Monday is special offer day and you can find the shop full of great meat at great prices. Beef mince, chicken supremes, lamb joints, steaks, even ready made curries and casseroles! Take a look and fill your freezer ready for the next curry night at home!

    Cal used lamb mince (part of our Monday special offers) and plenty of chilli (he’s the mastermind behind the crazy-hot burgers we do!) with a hint of North African flavours using dried apricots and almonds.

    Resident Masterchef, Robin, used his day off to rustle up a fragrant lamb curry – and that was after he’d made over 100 portions of curry to sell on the meat counter!

    So there you have it – curry for all tastes, budgets, couples and families and as hot or as mild as you like.
    What’s your favourite meat to use in curry? Let us know!

    Claire’s curry in a hurry
    Sophie’s slow cooked Thai Red Curry
    Zara’s Halloumi curry
    Sarah’s Pork Bhuna
    Simon’s slow cooked lamb on the bone
    Cal’s super speedy lamb curry

    Robin’s fragrant diced lamb

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