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Inspirational training keeps Aubrey Allen ahead

Local family business Aubrey Allen have taken training to a new level.

Aubrey Allen, established in 1933 have put an in house training team from Qommunicate into their production unit to help advance management skills within their butchery unit.

Qommunicate , Midlands based training company have spent time with staff interviewing  and identifying their skills gaps and provided an in house supportive one to one learning system headed up by Qommunicate regional manager, Adrian Bland.

Russell Allen, Managing Director and passionate ambassador for improvement and change said “ I believe in the old saying – when people ask what if you train your staff and they leave? I reply what if you don’t and they stay. We are delighted with the results so far. The staff we have chosen to start with would be the first to say that formal education wasn’t something they enjoyed and perhaps haven’t got a strong set of qualifications. However, they have all embraced the training and worked together as a team and have a justified sense of achievement from learning computer skills to problem solving and even standing up in front of 300 school children to share their career journey“.

Adrian Bland said “ It is a delight working with Aubrey Allen. I am only the facilitator and the staff have come up with the answers themselves. They are engaged, keen to learn and their personal growth over the last few months has been astonishing. We are looking forward to working with the rest of the team. The key to what we do is flexibility – it isn’t one size fits all or a one day flash in the pan course but rather about giving them good habits and skills for life and work and giving them the confidence in the ability that they clearly have.

Lisa Rouse who organises all the training and apprentices says “ we are always looking for good people – apprentices and more experienced workers alike and have set up a face book recruitment page so it’s really easy to get in touch with us“

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