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Aubrey Allen’s Big Apprentice Day wows the industry!

Butchers help shape the future of farming and cooking

Aubrey Allen organised a unique event at their Academy to target Apprentices from the farming, butchery and chef’s community. We believe, a first in the food chain industry.

Aubrey Allen, award winning National Butcher based in Coventry worked alongside Paul Cadman from Crosby Management Training to create a unique Apprenticeship day. The idea was to give the apprentices an opportunity to shape their own future by facilitating a day of introductions and shared vision. There were 3 short talks from an inspirational Farmer – Robert Caldecott, Butcher Ambassador – Chris Riley and Chef – Andreas Antona, to set the tone for the day, which was all about working together to make the future of British food more secure and better than ever.

Lucianne Allen, Sales and Marketing Director at Aubrey Allen, said

Paul and I got to know each other well during the launch of the industry Standards for the Trailblazer Apprenticeships. We wanted the day to be about the Apprentices and what they want rather than being lectured to. We wanted them to create new ideas for how they could work together and understand their roles. If we want a sustainable farming future in this country and people passionate about growing great food for the plate it starts here

Rachel Barnwell, an agricultural intern at Aubrey Allen, helped to inspire the event and had already organised for 30 young farmers to attend an evening event at the Academy.

The Apprentices were treated to a great breakfast on arrival, there were group discussions about what factors each sector considered when rearing or purchasing meat and what benefits there would be to join those thoughts up to create one vision of a more sustainable future. They all took part in a hands on mini butchery tutorial and a beef tasting session.

Jason Hilliard, Harper Adams University

I feel the event was a massive success and the apprentices could not stop talking about the day for the entire return journey. They all seemed to take something different back from the event, from the practical chicken, to socialising with their peers from within the industry and also from the very inspirational speakers that were there. One thing that they could all seem to agree on though was how valuable and enjoyable they found the day.

A wonderful team environment was created from the start, everyone being there for the same thing and wanting to work towards a better future for both the entire industry (farm to fork) and for the success of the apprenticeships. By enhancing quality of produce, increasing pride in working in this most valuable of sectors and the willingness to work together to achieve this.

Stephane Cerisier, Firmdale hotels

I found it very interesting to have all different apprentices sharing ideas.

Bryan Anderson, Stratford College

The feedback we have received from the Apprentices has been outstanding, I fully understand the cost and time Aubrey Allen’s invested in this event and can’t thank you enough.

I would like to offer any help I can to develop this into a regular event and it would be lovely to see this model develop into regular events getting Apprentices together from various industries who share a common interest or goal.

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