Aubrey Allen beef burgers are made from pure grass-fed cattle selected to one grade and one consistency.

Aubrey Allen have created a burger room and a whole geeky science section with fat analysis, tempering of the mince prior to production and de-gristlers so you only get the good parts.

The Coarse Cut (Umami Burger):

Our champion burger, the coarse cut, won England’s Best Burger. The secret ingredient? There is none. Just pure meat but only the best. Season to taste.

Less than Thoroughly Cooked Burger:

Selected from only approved beef abattoirs, and with full approval from the FSA, we have the go-ahead to sell burgers that can be cooked pink. A winner for Everyman Cinema’s Burger! Ensure you consult your local EHO for guidance on storing and serving.

Lamb and Coriander Burger:

Our lamb burgers are made using selected cuts from whole South West lamb carcasses and a traditional seasoned blend.

All of our burgers are packed and gas-flushed to ensure they stay fresher for longer.

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