Aubrey’s Bacon

In our quest to source the ultimate bacon, we decided to produce our own.

With our knowledge of bacon, and passion for doing the right thing, in the right way for the right people, it was logically going to be our next step.

In line with our purchasing philosophy, this natural product is sourced from English outdoor-bred pigs specially selected for us.

Using only the gilt pigs (young females), which have better intramuscular fat and a sweeter flavour.

Back Bacon
A simple classic, using a Wiltshire-style cure.

Smoked Back Bacon
Our cured back bacon is smoked with Oak and Chestnut.

Streaky Bacon
The best-selling and versatile streaky Wiltshire-style cured bacon – brilliant for breakfast and cooking with.

Smoked Streaky Bacon
Our cured streaky bacon is smoked with Oak and Chestnut.

Dry Cured Bacon
Dry-cured English bacon is rarer than hen’s teeth and this is why we produce it ourselves. A real speciality product that will have your customers coming back for more!

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