Upstairs Downstairs Box

Six dry-aged fillet steaks and a selection of wonderful cheese

A unique box of six dry-aged fillet steaks with a special selection of cheeses to create a wow cheese board. With two compartments to keep the meat frozen and the cheese chilled.


Box Contains:

Fillet steaks 6 x 170g

Quadrello Di Bufala 1 x 250g

Brie De Nangis 1 x 250g

Perl Las Mini 1 x 200g

Kirkham's Lancashire 1 x 250g

Quince Jelly



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Six x 170g dry aged, tender and marbled fillet steaks with over eight servings of the best cheese you can find in England together in one box. With the cheese secure on top, enjoy removing the compartment to reveal the world class steaks.

Sustainable British Isles grass-fed steaks.

Our purchasing philosophy is to select from only the areas of the British Isles where fully native cattle thrive among lush pastures and clean drinking water.

We typically choose only the top 4% of beef cattle from breeds such as Angus and Hereford from the South West of England and the North West of Scotland.


Quadrello Di Bufala 

An Allen family favourite - Quadrello De Bufala is a water buffalo milk cheese produced by Quattro Portoni in the Lombardy region of Italy. Made from pasteurised milk, this washed-rind cheese is aged about 40 days. The texture of the cheese is deliciously creamy with small holes and softness near the crust. The flavours are sweet and grassy with a tangy and salty taste.


Brie De Nangis 

A less ripened version of Brie de Meaux, this cheese has almost become extinct several times in its history. It's creamy and smooth and has a slightly chalky center that becomes runny with age. Brie de Nangis is made out of cows milk and has a sweet flavor to it.


Perl Las Mini

Perl Las, meaning blue pearl in Welsh, is a beautiful blue cheese made from pasteurised cow's milk. Golden in colour with a creamy, delicate and gentle salty taste. Perl Las Blue is a wonderful introductory blue cheese to any cheeseboard.


Kirkham's Lancashire

The last producer of raw milk Lancashire cheese, Kirkham continues to follow the traditional two-day curd method of making Lancashire cheese, giving a buttery, yoghurty flavour with a fluffy and light texture that melts in the mouth. Cloth bound in buttered muslin the cheese can be eaten young when it's fresh and crumbly or aged so it becomes full bodied and full flavoured. 



This year has been particularly difficult for cheesemakers having to stop and start production with many hospitality outlets closed or operating at reduced capacity. The upshot is that many cheeses are in very short supply and there could be times when we have to substitute some cheeses in place of those originally advertised and proposed. We are confident that any replacements will be of similar or superior quality. We ask for your understanding.

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Upstairs Downstairs Box
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