six fillet steaks with a selection of artisan cheeses six fillet steaks with a selection of artisan cheeses

Why order a steak delivery from Aubrey Allen?

All our steaks are from grass-fed Suckler herd beef cattle including Angus and Hereford and are dry-aged for a minimum of 28 days.

Order with confidence today and enjoy our Unconditional Guarantee and free nationwide delivery.

Aubrey's Steak Boxes

Aubrey's Steak Box

Our best selling box with a selection of our popular dry aged, well marbled steaks. We have flash frozen them in individual portions for you to enjoy with zero waste

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Steak Lover's Box

Eight classic dry aged steaks – fillets, rib eyes and sirloins plus our favourite steak burgers. 1.7kg of dry aged steak, what's not to love?

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Fillet Steak Box

Six classic dry-aged, tender and marbled fillet steaks. All flash frozen and packed in 2's for your convenience. Perfect for making Beef Wellington

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Steak And Cheese Box

A unique box of six dry-aged fillet steaks with a special selection of cheeses to create a wow cheese board. With two compartments to keep the meat frozen and the cheese chilled

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Ultimate Steakhouse Box

For the pure carnivore - nine cuts of pure pleasure. Huge T-bones, fillet on the bone and the mighty sirloin - on the bone. Rib Chop and Chateaubriand fillet all in one box

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Steak & Sausage BBQ Meat Box

BBQ steak delivered to your door

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Rack Of Lamb & Sirloin Steak BBQ Meat Box

Mouthwatering BBQ Classics

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BBQ Meat Boxes

Choose from a range of carefully selected delicious meat boxes for your BBQ

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Build Your Own Steak Box

We’ve got a huge range of steak available, so why not build your own steak box for delivery?

Build a (Steak) Box!

Build your own meat and cheese box for £35

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