Seasonal Specials


Our Favourite seasonal cheeses.

Box Contains:

  • Roquefort Vieux Berger 1 x 250g
  • Kirkham’s Lancashire 1 x 250g 
  • Comté Extra Vieux 1 x 250g 
  • Baron Bigod Baby 1 x 250g  


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We have chosen the very best of cheeses that are at their optimum right now. A perfect end to a meal or for your evening cheese board. Each cheese has been carefully selected to bring you a delicious selection that we know you'll love as much as we do! 

Roquefort Vieux Berger ; Dating back almost 2000 years Roquefort is regarded as a French national treasure. Made exclusively from the milk of the hardy Laucaune sheep Roquefort is tangy, crumbly and slightly moist with distinctive blue /green veining. Le Vieux Berger, made by the Combes family since 1923 is the smallest of the seven Roquefort producers, takes milk from just 13 flocks and hand make this wonderful cheese. Virtually rindless it has an intense creamy paste with a long lasting, salty tangy flavour. 

Kirkham's Lancashire; The last producer of raw milk Lancashire cheese, Kirkhams continue to follow the traditional two day curd method where in times past the curds from two days were needed to fill the cheese mould. Graham, the current maker, learnt his craft from his mother Ruth and the future is bright as his sons are now involved. Cloth bound in buttered muslin the cheese can be eaten young when it's fresh and crumbly or aged so it becomes full bodied and full flavoured. 

Comté Extra Vieux; Our Comté Extra Vieux is matured by Rivoire-Jacquemin and is made in the small hamlet of Les Fontanelles in the Jura mountains. The milk from the Montbéliarde cows comes from just two farms within a 25km. radius of the village. Within 3-4 weeks of being made the wheels are taken to the cellars of Rivoire-Jacquemin in Montmorot to be lovingly cared for and matured. Ours is matured for 15-18 months (longer than most) to give this cheese nuttiness, sweetness and a complex depth of flavour. 

Baron Bigod Baby; In 2013 Jonny and Dulcie Crickmore of Fen Farm needed to diversify after the frustration of getting a poor return for their milk. They settled on making a soft bloomy rinded cheese similar to Brie de Meaux with the help of the leading French cheese consultant Ivan Larcher. In time the Crickmores acquired Montbéliarde cows from France whose milk is richer in proteins than Holsteins and is more suited to cheese making. Baron Bigod’s aroma is earthy with hints of porcini and beneath its undulating rind lies a silky, ivory coloured curd. Its milky yogurt flavour lasts long in the mouth. The Crickmores richly deserved the plaudits they receive for the many awards they have won in such short time.

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Seasonal Specials
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