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Our chefs, or you and your families, re-ordering and recommending us to other people is our starting point when sourcing meat, and it is how we measure our success.

We understand that we are only ever as good as the last meal that we have helped to serve. Everything that we do is focused on consistency and finding the best farmers to help us achieve this is critical.

This philosophy has helped us to win this year’s Chefs Favourite Butcher award – as voted for by chefs, the National Catering Butcher of the Year award, and Lucianne Allen, grand- daughter of Aubrey and our Sales Director proudly holds the title Meat Business Woman of the Year.

You get the idea, we really are passionate about what we do, but it all starts with the product.

The key things that we look for in a supplier are:

  • Do they share our high standards on animal welfare and ethical values at every point in the supply chain?
  • Can they produce meat to our strict specification every time?
  • Are they the right partner for us?

Our aim is always to source the best available meat in the British Isles. We do this by building trusted partnerships with farmers who share our values and vision. Here you can read more about our supply heroes:

‘The Holy Grail of Beef’ – Richard McComb Food Journalist

Aubrey's Beef

We select only the top 4% of the best beef cattle in the British Isles. Our cattle is bread in a clean, green way for flavour. We live in a country where 65% of all pastures can or should only be used for grazing and it works in harmony with nature with natural rotation farming and carbon sequestration in the soil – far removed from the commercial films you see of intensive farming – allowing you to eat ethically reared sustainable meat with a clear conscience.

We understand that quality takes time and cattle need time to mature, living up to double the time of much supermarket meat allowing nature and nurture not growth hormones or false feeding to rear the animals to maturity. We work with farmers who grow cattle in areas of natural outstanding beauty with plenty of drinking water and lush pastures where cattle thrive such as the South West of England (a PGI awarded status for beef production – the Champagne area for beef), Ireland and the North West of Scotland.

The cattle are known as suckler herds as they are nourished by their mother and run as a family in a stress free environment – they are carefully selected from these herds to our very high standard specification, all our beef is sustainable, grass fed, and matured in dry-ageing chambers.

It tastes, well, out of this world!

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South West Lamb

We are really proud of the lambs we produce. The region of South West England from which we source all of our lambs attained PGI status as the temperate climate, undulating hills and granite herb infused pastures allow them to flourish. Purchasing the whole carcase allows us to ensure zero waste and guarantee consistency. Farmers such as the Dennis family in Cornwall have been helping us provide the best free range lambs for more than thirty years.

Chefs comment not only on the succulence, flavour and consistency but also on the great crafting of the products by our butchery team to create world class lamb.

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Free Range Pork

All our pork comes from Jimmy Butler’s family-run Blythburgh farm in Suffolk. Pigs thrive in free draining soil and the sandy Suffolk plains are perfect for pork production. Aubrey Allen only select the gilt (young female) pigs from Jimmy and family as these have a natural sweetness with the right amount of saltiness and deep flavour, whilst the sea breeze of Southwold provides incredible crackling.

The secret to great food is great ingredients, and Jimmy’s pork helps us to produce award winning sausages and stunning home cured bacon as well as family favourite roasting joints and pork cuts.

Like us, Jimmy’s a frequent award-winner too.

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Free Range Chickens

Our chickens are naturally slow grown birds from Robert Caldecott’s family run Holly Farm in Worcestershire – Roberts’s family have reared poultry for three generations and Robert has previously won best poultry farmer in the country. They’re nurtured for fifteen more days than other free range birds – for better flavour and texture. And for unforgettably crispy skin. Robert also supplies us with our delicious Holly Farm turkeys at Christmas.

We also source some very high welfare French poultry – we have visited the farms to ensure that they meet our purchasing philosophy.

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Our Cheese Suppliers

Learn more about our cheese producers.

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