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World cheese judge, Simeon Hudson-Evans met Russell Allen back in 2001 when Russell was running the delicatessen in Leamington Spa. A shared love of cheese and Simeon’s ability to select incredible producers to allow Russell’s shop to stand out, has enabled Aubrey Allen Delicatessen to win Guild of Fine Foods Britain’s Best Deli & Grocer – quite an accolade for what was a traditional butcher’s shop.

So over lunch one day Russell and Simeon chatted about playing to their strengths and merging as they shared the same philosophies and values, and chefs soon took to the idea of having a cheese expert at Aubrey Allen.

It also allowed Aubrey Allen to fulfil its ambitions on sustainability as fewer deliveries means fewer miles.

Simeon is a true expert in his field and it is said when someone is looking to start making their own cheese, they turn to Simeon for advice. Simeon was one of the first to take up the newly founded Academy of Cheese where he guides amateurs through the world of cheese tasting that can lead them to a recognised qualification or just a good day out.

His protegee Guy Dymott is a British cheese judge and quickly working towards world status. So if there is anything you want to know about cheese but were too afraid to ask now is the time. Simeon and Guy, as judges, are the first to hear of amazing new cheese producers and are delighted they can now share these with you through a nationwide cheese delivery to your door.

Westcombe Dairy

Tom Calver, under the watchful eye of his father Richard, has taken Westcombe to new heights. Never resting on their much deserved laurels, Tom has created a state of the art natural cave and is the first cheddar maker to employ mechanised maturation. He made the first English Ricotta and has even recycled an old telephone box into a cheese smoker.

Looking ahead, Westcombe is in safe hands …from animal welfare to milk production, from cheese production and maturation to selling the end product to us we know that what we buy from Tom is produced not only to the highest standards but is rated as the best of the best English Artisan cheeses.

Lincolnshire Poacher

Since becoming the supreme Champion at the British Cheese Awards in 1996 Tim and Simon Jones have steadily established Lincolnshire Poacher as the outstanding modern British hard cheese.

Although Cheddar-like it has its own distinct character. Of all the many facets combined that make up a cheese it is the pastures of the Lincolnshire Wolds along with sustainable farming practises and of course skilled makers that ensures Poachers place in the hierarchy of British cheese.



The modest, quietly spoken American, Joe Schneider makes the most wonderful blue cheese in the old fashioned way. Time is a vital ingredient to making good cheese. Joe seems to have time on his hands as he slowly and painstakingly makes Stichelton.

Whereas the majority of cheeses take less than eight hours from turning milk into cheese Joes allows 24 hours. Allowing time for slow hand ladling of the curd, allowing more time for acidification by using less starter culture and of course plenty of time for maturation. It may be a slow process but its time very well spent as the end result is the most sublime cheese of great complexity.

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