Free Range Meat Boxes

In our family we believe that animal welfare is number one. Sourcing from the areas that mean the animals can truly thrive and working with British farmers who are committed to produce the best meat whilst caring for the land. By selecting only the top 4% of meat in the country, we ensure that you enjoy a consistently great flavour every time.

Aubrey's Steak Box

Choose from 8 8oz steaks up to 24 succulent steaks in our Aubrey’s steak box range

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Aubrey's Essentials

Over 40 servings in this amazing every day essentials box taking you from Monday through to Sunday

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Grande Brasserie Blanc Box

Part of our deluxe range ideal for a special gift. A taste of the Brasserie Blanc dining experience

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Home Cooks Dream Box

Individually frozen portions giving over 38 servings of our favourite items.

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Steak Lover's Box

Six classic dry aged steaks including succulent fillet plus our favourite coarse cut steak burgers

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Upstairs Downstairs Box

Six grass fed succulent fillet steaks and a selection of four cheeses in a stylish branded box

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Brasserie Blanc Box

A box inspired by Raymond Blanc's cuisine - 10 luxury meals for you to enjoy

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The Dorchester

A whole five bone Dorchester rib of beef - a real centre piece for your dinner table

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Scottish Cheese Upstairs Downstairs Box

Six dry-aged fillet steaks and a selection of wonderful Scottish cheeses

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Pure Poultry Box

16 servings of free range chicken to create every day nourishing meals for you and your family

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Pure Fillet Box

Six classic dry-aged, tender and marbled fillet steaks. All flash frozen and individually portioned for your convenience

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Peter Allen - Our Chairman

"What we do is about time.. time that goes into caring for and rearing the best animals to create irresistible meat for the table. In ageing beef for the best flavour. In nurturing long term relationships with farmers, and in learning our award winning butchery skills. That time is invested into each and every product that leaves our business."