Products - FAQs

  1. Are there allergens in your products?

    On receipt of our products, please do check the labels carefully and if you are in any way unsure please contact our happiness team on 02476 101321 or

    Our unit holds the highest standards of health and safety certification both from the point of view of hygiene, labelling and the Food Standards Agency.

    We do not process or handle nuts or crustaceans or fish in any production area and any products containing this are limited to sealed packaging. We cannot say that our site is nut or crustacean or fish free as whilst we practice all due diligence we cannot 100% exclude cross contamination of trace elements from other areas of our head office building.

    If you have a severe allergy you MUST contact our team before purchasing/ handling the products and our full time technical manager can advise you. Please check the website carefully as we do take all care to highlight products containing allergens and whilst not all are specifically listed, they will be on the labels.

    Our sausages are not currently gluten free and whilst our beef burgers do not contain anything other than wonderful meat, they are made in an area where products containing gluten are made and we can never exclude entirely cross contamination on trace elements.

    Our free range bacon is a wonderful product produced in an old fashioned natural way but it does contain nitrates.

    We gift complimentary products from time to time and these may contain allergens listed on our website in full in our terms and conditions.

    Allergens that may be present include: Gluten/Molluscs/Crustaceans/Fish/Peanuts/Lupin/Tree Nuts/Soya/Eggs/Milk/Celery/Mustard/Sesame/Sulphur Dioxide. 

    If you are unsure in any way, please contact us.


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  2. Are your products gluten free?

    Meat is naturally gluten free, however some of our sausage and other manufactured products will contain gluten. All of this information is printed on the label on each product.

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  3. Are your products Halal?

    None of our animals come from traditional Halal abattoirs. Some do come through from EU approved pre stun Halal abattoirs.

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  4. Can i choose my own items to put in a box?

    Yes, we've just released a 'Build Your Own' box option. Take a look at it here in our online butchers shop.

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  5. Can you dry age meat for longer than 40 days?

    Twice a year we hold meat science courses for chefs who learn about dry aging and that it is possible to dry age meat over 40 days but this will not make the meat more tender as the enzymes in the meat at 40 days are less reactive. Once they have depleted the meat when sheer force tested will go slightly tougher, where as the flavour / aroma profile will increase but can be a desired taste.

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  6. Do your products contain nitrates?

    Our bacon does currently contain nitrates.

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  7. Does your meat contain antibiotics?

    Antibiotics are not used in the farming of our animals. However, animal welfare is number one for us and if an animal is suffering and needs treatment then it will be treated individually. Strict guidelines are followed to ensure that these are out of the system prior to process.

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  8. How do I store the products?

    On receiving your meat we would recommend transferring it straight to your freezer without delay. When you require a piece we would recommend that 24 hours prior you transfer this to your fridge to slow defrost, and then 120 minutes before cooking remove the packaging to allow the air to circulate and take out of the fridge to bring it up to room temperature for cooking.

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  9. How long can I store my frozen meat?

    Each item will be labelled with a use by date this will be product specific but a minimum of 6 months and the majority will have 12 months.

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  10. Is eating meat healthy?

    Meat is packed full of nutrients and is a good source of protein, vitamins and minerals. Take at look at the NHS website for more:

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  11. How are your orders kept frozen for delivery?

    All of our orders arrive frozen, and packaged with dry ice - this will keep your order frozen for up to 48 hours from the time of dispatch. We work closely with our delivery partner DPD to ensure that it reaches you in perfect condition. We have done extensive tests with temperature loggers to ensure our process works for you.

    Dry ice is food safe and will not impact on the quality of your meat. During transit, the dry ice will begin to sublimate meaning that the packaging it comes in may have deflated which is normal.  

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  12. Is your meat British?

    All our beef, lamb and pork is from the British Isles.

    Our pork is from East Anglia, predominantly Suffolk.

    All our lamb is from South West England.             

    Our beef is from areas of outstanding national beauty and includes Ireland.

    Our hero free range chicken producer is Robert Caldecott in Worcestershire. However, we do also source some outstanding free range French chicken - we have visited the farms to approve the welfare.

    The French are excellent poultry producers and unfortunately in the UK it is not always easy to find excellent quality and ethic standards in poultry. That's why we do supplement Robert's chickens with those from the French farms - your meat will always be labelled and transparent with the country of origin.

    We work closely and have grown real partnerships with the suppliers that we use. Read more about them here.

    Or visit our Meat Box Delivery main page to order.


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  13. What happens if my meat has started to defrost?

    As we pack your meat boxes using well tested insulation and dry ice, this would be very unlikely to happen. If any product has defrosted, and is still below 5 degrees it is safe to refreeze but it may impact on the eating quality of the meat.

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  14. What is the fat running through meat?

    This is perfectly normal. The fat, or marbling as we know it is one of the signs of quality and puts flavour and Juciness into meat. Meat benefits from having some intramuscular fat (although not always apparent to see with the naked eye) to help to keep the meat moist in cooking.

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  15. Why do you freeze your products?

    We blast freeze our meat immediately after we cut it; the extremely low temperature preserves the meat naturally at its optimum, so that when you defrost and cook your product the quality is as high if not higher than the majority of refrigerated meats.

    The meat is frozen individually to enable you to only use what you need.

    Please see more information about Zero Waste guidelines encouraging single portioned frozen meat - see

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  16. Why is the meat in a plastic pack?

    After dry ageing and cutting, the oxygen is removed from the pack. This helps to increase the shelf life for you.

    We suggest you remove the meat from the packaging 60 minutes before cooking, this will allow the meat to "bloom" back to a good colour and this is perfectly normal - you may see an initial discolouring but this will disappear.

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  17. What breed is your beef, is it free range?

    There are many breeds in the UK and we select the very best slow growing breeds that get to full maturity. We don't favour a particular breed as the very best Angus cattle raised in idyllic conditions can be as great as the very best Hereford cattle raised in equal conditions.

    What is important is the welfare, diet and the age profile at process.

    The cattle are outside on grass pastures so are free range however when there is snow on the ground or inclement conditions that the grass has less nutrients in it the cattle are moved in to large open barns and fed predominantly fermented grass (silage).

    Visit our Meat Box Delivery main page to order.

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  18. What is the slaughter process - do you have an abattoir?

    Aubrey Allen don't own our own abattoir for the reason that we only want to select the highest specification with only 1 animal in every 100 that is processed meeting our criteria.

    To give you perfection we have relationships with our approved supply chain partners, these are based in different regions so that the livestock doesn't experience long journeys to be processed thus reducing stress.

    The abattoirs are modern processing facilities that we inspect but also have on site veterinary officers to ensure animal welfare is paramount.

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  19. Is there full traceability on your meat products?

    Yes, all of our meat is fully traceable, At birth each animal is registered with the ministry of agriculture and given a passport, the details are stored in an ear tag and barcode.

    Each farm has its own bespoke number and these follow all the way through to our modern facility and so we are able to trace any product back.

    Visit our Meat Box Delivery main page to order.

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  20. Is your meat organic?

    No, it is however, bred in a lean, green, natural way. Your meat from Aubrey Allen will have the upmost welfare and be raised in areas of unpolluted farmlands.

    Whilst we recognise the Soil Association's certification this does not exclude fast growing breeds or the location of farms close to busy motorways or industry where pollution can fall on the ground.

    We believe our slow growing breeds thriving in tranquil areas with the correct land management and farming methods give high welfare, happy meat that exceeds the organic status.

    Visit our Meat Box Delivery main page to order.

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  21. What about animal welfare? Is your meat ethically reared?

    Yes it is. For over 30 years we have been taking chefs to go and see first hand the welfare of the farms and processors we use as we are proud of our ethically raised meat.

    When Dr Temple Grandin , world leader in animal welfare was in the UK, Aubrey Allen's team were invited to join her on a trip to visit a farm and then she came to speak at Aubrey Allen to our farmers and chefs to help make all we do even better.

    A result of this was a change by one of our free range farmers who built a hard standing in his field in a feed area so that his livestock who will have grown up only knowing soft sandy soil under their feet would not be upset by the change when taken to the processor thus avoiding stress.

    Visit our Meat Box Delivery main page to order.

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  22. What breed is your lamb, is it free range?

    Our lambs are predominantly Dorset cross lambs and Texel Cross, these breeds allow Aubrey Allen to offer great lamb all year round and have a great eye muscle for flavour, texture and juiciness.

    Our lambs are selected from farms across the South West of the UK which has been awarded a PGI status due to the wonderful climate and granite based pastures.

    We also select a slightly larger lamb than other butchers giving you a good portion of meat when serving any of our products.

    Visit our Meat Box Delivery main page to order.

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  23. What breed is your pork, is it free range?

    Yes, our slow growing free range pigs are a Yorkshire, Duroc, Landrace Cross, this is to give the perfect balance of each of the characteristics of hardiness to live outside all of its life; juiciness, tenderness and with the pigs being a little older than industry norm they have a better flavour.

    Our free range pork is raised by Jimmy Butler on the Suffolk coastline with acres of space to root and run around and enjoy a happy life.

    With the salty sea breeze blowing over the pigs on a daily basis the skin absorbs this to enhance the wonderful crackling.

    Visit our Meat Box Delivery main page to order.

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  24. How do you select your meat and where does it come from?

    We select the animals from the areas that suit them best; cattle need pasture and plenty of clean drinking water so much of our cattle are selected from south west England, pigs need free draining soil, so sandy, Suffolk soil keeps our pigs happy.

    We select only the top 4% of animals for eating quality so rest assured you really are getting the best of the best.

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  25. Are your chickens free range?

    Yes, all of your poultry from Aubrey Allen will be free range but possibly more important we only use a slow grown breed called Hubbard so the flavour and texture is often commented as chicken as it used to taste.

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  26. What is dry ageing?

    Dry ageing is a process that breaks down the enzymes in the meat to improve flavour, texture and tenderness.

    We have undertaken a huge amount of research in to this subject and with the help of Professors, Dr's and meat experts from around the world we have created a dry ageing system that was described by meat scientist, Prof. Chris Calkins as "the best example I have seen in the world".

    To dry age, we ensure good air flow and control humidity and temperature in the fridges.

    Your beef will be selected at the processor to our specification then upon arrival will undergo our stringent checks before being loaded in to one of our 4 computer controlled specialist fridges.

    Once inside the door is locked and not re-opened until the meat has reached a minimum of 28 days.

    During this time our web cams and probes are recording data. Once the beef has reached the time frame it is brought out and weighed, we will have an evaporation weight loss of over 10% this is why dry aging is not widely done.

    The flavour will have concentrated and the enzymes will have broken down the tissue to give tenderness.

    In order to validate our system we have been involved in many scientific experiments and use sheer force testing to ensure we get consistent tenderness.

    Visit our Meat Box Delivery main page to order.

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  27. Is your packaging recyclable?

    Yes it is. The outer box is carboard and fully recyclable with your paper and card collection. As is the liner, void fill, and tape. The sausage and burger trays and the vac packs are LDPE (the same as carrier bags) - check your local council for recycling facilities). We are working with manufacturers to find a recyclable ice pack and sealing film.

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