They just might be the best burgers you'll ever taste!

A few months ago, chef, food consultant and MasterChef finalist, Philli Armitage-Mattin, got in touch with us to chat about a collaboration to celebrate the Olympics being held this summer in Japan.

Philli had visited our dry aged beef fridges many years ago as a young chef with the Gordon Ramsay group so when looking for a partner, she came to us first.

With a strong background for great cooking, including appearing as a finalist on MasterChef: The Professionals in 2020, we thought this could really work.

After many chats about how to make the box really relevant and provide a ‘wow’ moment, we came up with pairing our best-selling pure bred English Wagyu beef with grass fed brisket to create one of the best burgers you have ever tasted.

Philli used her contacts to source an incredibly light and delicious brioche bun paired with our cheese as well as a Wasabi Mayonnaise which complements the other flavours beautifully.

Why not make a pure Wagyu burger?

We are proud suppliers of award winning burger companies such as Bleecker Burger, Black Bear, Almost Famous and Libertine Burger so we know a thing or two about creating amazing burgers.

You may wonder why we haven’t prepared a pure Wagyu burger. The hallmark of great Wagyu is the intense marbling which represents the high level of wonderful natural fat giving it a buttery flavour. We have found over the years through much trial (and taste testing!) that mixing it with grass fed beef (and brisket in particular) helps to balance the fat levels creating a burger with great flavour and texture.

Working with so many burger home delivery kits and companies over the last 14 months and more, we understand what components make a great burger kit – it’s all about attention to detail on every ingredient that surrounds the all-important burger. From the delicious Galeta Bakery brioche bun and the Wasabi Company mayo to the best burger cheese slices and a refreshing can of Kanpai Brewery sparkling Sake, this Wagyu Burger Box has it all for the perfect burger night in!


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