Our 10 step guide.

We are all excited for restaurants to re-open. The anticipation! Then you make a decision that will change your evening and your view of steak. You have been waiting for months to have that perfectly cooked steak but you chose the restaurant down the road because the steak is £5 cheaper than the one you really like further away – and steak is steak, isn’t it?

You tuck into the steak waiting for the first flavour, the caramelisation to hit you – the sweetness created by the heat and the fat, a scientific compound of joy... but there is nothing.

You chew the meat, lusting for the explosion of succulence and beef but the wait yields no delight. The meat is tasteless, soft and goes to cotton wool in your mouth leading you to grab for the water.

The after taste stays with you long before the pain of the cheap bill recedes in your mind.

Pre-Covid, we at Aubrey Allen would delight in inviting students and experienced chefs alike to our Academy and educate them in the ways of Beef.

This culminated in them doing a taste test between a well-known leading and respected supermarket and our beef. The results were always astounding and always the same – the Aubrey Allen beef was licked clean of the plate whilst the supermarket proclaimed ‘Best of British’ withered in its own limp state. People often ask “What’s the difference between your meat and supermarket meat?” – we believe the results of the steak tasting test speak for themselves.

Here are 10 facts about beef and Aubrey Allen that you may not know:

  1. There are 54 different grades of beef in the UK and the price and quality is as varied as an own brand £3 bottle of plonk and a Chateau vintage at £500 and everything in between
  2. Only 4 in 100 beef cattle in the UK would reach our Aubrey Allen grade for eating quality
  3. Farmers are paid for the biggest and fattest animal in British abattoirs, not for taste
  4. 80% of all steaks in the UK are actually imported from countries with no origins in natural beef production
  5. 50% of all beef sold in this country is from old dairy return cows which is finished at under 14 months which means, technically, it is not beef. It’s a different species bred for milk which cannot put on fat (which puts the flavour into meat). It is often pale in colour and too soft to the touch when raw
  6. People talk about age in meat – age is as much the time spent on the right ground, in the right environment as it is in the maturation process – beef needs to be at least 18 months in order for flavour to develop
  7. People sometimes praise very tender meat - this can be a sign in a rump or sirloin that it is a dairy cow that has been vacuum packed to tenderise further and will disappoint when it comes to flavour. Fillet steak is naturally very tender as it is the lazy muscle on the beast but the other cuts are designed to have texture and flavour
  8. Fat – in great beef you can eat and enjoy the fat which caramelises into sweetness on cooking and creates a brown/creamy colour. The beef on less developed cattle for beef ‘not finished’ is white in colour (as you see in supermarket beef) and thin and inedible
  9. There is also intermuscular fat called marbling which puts flavour into meat and this can only develop in beef cattle matured to full age. The rib eye is the cut with the most fat and has fat running through the middle of the steak
  10. Good beef gets the saliva juices going and is succulent with a really intense flavour of beef leaving a sweet after taste and a desire to eat more


So next time you go somewhere, try the steak test, learn and share. We believe great British beef should be celebrated and we should reward farmers for rearing beef that gives the most flavour leaving you happy every time you dine out or dine in with us. All the steaks included in our steak boxes and Build your own Box are selected to the very highest standards of ethically produced meat. They are then cared for and crafted in a time honoured way to create the best tasting steaks and help to create memorable meals.


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