People often ask how we cook meat on a BBQ so here is our guide


If you could gather all the chatter in Britain from the first BBQ of the season you would hear something like this…
“What’s burning?
These sausages aren’t cooked through but they’re burnt on the outside.
There’s smoke everywhere!”



BBQ’s are tools providing heat for cooking. The Aussies call it a barbie and make it close to a national sport, the South African’s use a Braai,but it is the Greeks who truly bring this style of cooking to life. Easter Weekend in Greece will bring the scent of slow cooked BBQ lamb into the air, marinated in garlic and rosemary, cooking it rotisserie-style high above the flame. They will put a BBQ leg of lamb to cook at 9am to be ready for 3-4pm in the afternoon by which time the skin is crispy and the flavours ooze through – no rushing, no burning.

Some people love to marinade their meat and we have a great marinated selection both in our Build a Box and our set BBQ meat delivery boxes and marinades definitely have their place.

Here are our 5 top tips to keep it simple and enjoy much needed and longed for time with friends and family!


  1. Sausages - great to have these on first so guests have something to nibble on. Few can resist a well-cooked BBQ sausage and our Whizzers are firm favourites for this. We advise that you treat your BBQ as an outdoor oven, investing in a good one with a lid ideally and with a racking system so you can cook the sausages slowly, away from the fiercest heat, and higher up, allowing the skins to cook so that most importantly, the sausages are cooked right through.
  2. BBQ Lamb - whether you choose Shoulder of Lamb bone in or Butterflied Leg of Lamb, cook this low and slow allowing 3-4 hours, Greek style on the BBQ. The best way to marinade the meat is to simply lay it on a bed of herbs and turn it before cooking. Placing the lamb in a BBQ proof dish allows it to cook perfectly.
  3. Chicken – a wonderful BBQ meat and one cut often over looked is a whole free range chicken. Marinate in olive oil, lemon and place plenty of garlic cloves into the cavity of the chicken. Place in a baking tray to prevent the juices dripping onto the flames (which will cause too much smoke) and the chicken will have tasty crispy skin and a delicious succulent flavour and texture.
  4. Steak – we’re often asked what the best steak is for BBQs. A Tomahawk steak or Sirloin on the bone are great contenders. The key thing is to choose great beef! Bring it to room temperature first and save the steak cooking until last when the BBQ is intensely hot. Peter Allen likes to use a griddle and get it really hot first then quickly cooks the steaks on a fierce heat - the heat will allow the outside to caramelise and the inside will be cooked pink in a couple of minutes. Remember to leave it to rest to allow the meat to settle in order to enjoy the steak at its optimum.
  5. Salads - it can’t all be meat so create one or two simple salads. Fresh rocket in summer with olive oil and shaved Berkswell cheese plus a pinch of salt and pepper. Why not order our Halloumi cheese to griddle on the BBQ along with some peppers and roasted courgettes with lemon oil?


Order great food, cook it simply, sit back and enjoy!

Cheers to that.


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