Some people have followers on Twitter. Gary Usher has devotees.

All about his team, building other people up and wanting to give you at home a great experience; we have loved his videos and tweets where his refreshing honesty about the challenges of lockdown have been inspiring to us all.

We have been serving Elite Bistros for two years now working closely with Elites Executive Chef, Richard Sharples on menu development. We have grown to know their lovely team from chefs to front of house and see that as a great reflection of all Gary believes in – it’s about his people not him.


Anyway, you get the picture! We’re fans.

And because of that our teams put their heads together and decided to work with Gary and put some of the Elite Bistros signature cuts inside our latest box.


Here’s what they came up with:


No Elite Bistro box could be complete without Blade of Beef, a signature dish of succulent, tender grass fed beef.

Blade of beef, sometimes known as the Featherblade, is best cooked whole. It’s taken from the shoulder as the name suggests and is perfect for slow cooking. The beauty of this cut, when done right, is how succulent and flavoursome it is. And once you crack the cooking method the possibilities with different flavours are endless; it is so versatile.

This really is a great product for cooking enthusiasts and of course we’ll provide guidance on the best way to cook a blade of beef at home (without revealing any of Gary’s secret recipe tips!).

To help you create the best stock for the beef you’ll find a chef’s favourite in the box - Truefoods Red Wine Jus.

As well as the signature blade we’ve put in two Sirloin steaks on the bone which are a great option as a BBQ steak now that the nights are getting lighter!
Remember to heat the bone up first and let that heat conduct through the meat. The traditional way to mature beef is on the bone and cooking it in this way really adds flavour.

We love a great pork cutlet and so we’ve added in four! All of our pork is free range from Blythburgh in Suffolk and is delicious sweet pork with a lovely succulent flavour.
These cutlets are ideal for an easy BBQ dish to enjoy midweek.


We’re so excited to see what you come up with using these Gary Usher favourites – tag us in your social media food photos and let us know how you get on!

Order your Gary Usher Blade of Beef Box HERE

View our Blade of Beef recipe card HERE