Our Customer Care Director Simon shares some tricks of the trade for cooking fillet steak on the bone

To cook your on the bone fillet steak on the hob, just follow these simple tips:

Defrost the steak slowly in your fridge for a minimum of 12 hours or overnight. Before cooking remove the steak from the packaging and leave to bring to room temperature for around 30 minutes.

Get your pan nice and hot on the hob, coat the steak in oil and season both sides of the steak well with sea salt.

Place the steak bone side down in the pan and leave for a couple of minutes, repeat on all sides and then cook each flat side for a few minutes each side. If using a meat thermometer we recommend the best eating temperature to be 52 degrees.

Once cooked, baste with the cooking juices, remove from the heat and rest on a pre warmed plate for at least five minutes.

Now your steak is ready to serve - if you are thinking what to serve with steak, we love confit tomato, fries (or chips) , mushrooms and salad!

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