Russell Allen talks about his love for our  French Classics Cheese Box:

"Back in the early 90's when I was living and working in France, I fell in love with French cheese. I was amazed by the different varieties and the fantastic flavours were like nothing I've ever tasted."

"We've been selling French cheeses in our Leamington Deli for over twenty years now, and in so many ways, they still lead the way. Now, I'm delighted that we can deliver our French Classics cheese box all over the UK ."

"Here we have our selection of cheeses; first of all, the undisputed king, Brie de Meaux, everyone knows and loves it, rich, creamy, wonderful flavour, and once it comes up to room temperature it will be runny and delicious. Next up is Comte, from the French Alps. It's rich, nutty, and creamy. It's so evocative of that region. Absolutely delicious. Then, we move onto one of the oldest cheeses from France, Fourme D'Ambert, a rich, creamy blue cheese, and finally Sainte-Maure which looks so typically French, rolled in ash, that's a zingy, fresh goats cheese. We'll even add in quince jelly and some oatcakes - although these aren't French but we couldn't really send a baguette!"

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